Cyberattacks against hospitals and best practices

Violence against hospitals—manifested in physical attacks against patients, workers, and facilities as well as in cyberattacks on hospitals—has been on the rise worldwide. Cyberattacks include a variety of threats from brute force and Denial-of-Service attacks to the use of phishing and malware or social engineering methods to compromise security. 

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Heart hackers: Cybersecurity as a growing threat to global health

“One of the main cyber-threats is to think they don’t exist.”

With the rise of AI, blockchain and all else tech in health, challenges associated with these technologies have been easily forgotten due to their promising potential. Recent discussion at the Geneva Health Forum 2018 discussed the role of cybersecurity in the sphere of global health, in which  Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux of EPFL introduced the concept of security as “the rightful access to data, ensuring access control, availability, audibility and accountability“, whereas privacy was defined as the “rightful use of data following legal imperatives and expressed wishes of the data owner“.  With growing digital footprints, and over 110 million patients in the US having their data compromised in 2015 alone, cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a growing threat to global health [1].

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