Cyberattacks against hospitals and best practices

Violence against hospitals—manifested in physical attacks against patients, workers, and facilities as well as in cyberattacks on hospitals—has been on the rise worldwide. Cyberattacks include a variety of threats from brute force and Denial-of-Service attacks to the use of phishing and malware or social engineering methods to compromise security. 

This is a growing concern as hospitals worldwide are becoming increasingly dependent on their hospital information systems for administrative, financial, and medical operations—with the use of connected medical devices, cloud storage services, and network systems simultaneous rising. 

The health sector has quickly become a target for cyberattacksHospitals are especially sensitive to these sorts of attacks as any disruption in operations or even disclosure of patient personal information can have far-reaching consequences. The objective of this study was to map the available literature on cyberattacks on hospitals and to identify the different domains of research, while extracting the recommendations and guidelines put forth in the literature.

Click here to read the full article, and here for our previous blogpost on cybersecurity!


[1]Argaw, S.T., et al., The state of research on cyberattacks against hospitals and available best practice recommendations: a scoping review. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak, 2019. 19(1): p. 10.

Written by Nefti-Eboni Bempong







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