“Our software harnesses big data, real time-monitoring, artificial intelligence, and proprietary algorithms to deliver critical insights to a variety of audiences”.

Bluedot is a global early warning system, which incorporates bluedot data from infectious disease outbreaks, livestock populations, local mobility, population demographics, real-time climate, global flight ticket sales and more [1]. This data is fed into AI and analytics and produces products for the purposes of public health and security, healthcare, and travel information.

George – built for travellers

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 13.57.03.png

George is an app available for purchase which allows you to learn about infectious disease anywhere in the world, and also suggests active steps you could take to keep yourself safe. The app tracks the most infectious disease that come from: contact with people, eating and drinking, insect bites and contact with animals [1]. With George users can:

•Learn what diseases are active wherever you are and wherever you go
•Understand how to prevent yourself from getting sick and what to look for before consulting a doctor
•Get valuable updates about any outbreaks in places you care about or are planning to visit
•See which vaccinations can reduce your risk while travelling around the world
•Learn how your health conditions and age might affect your health while abroad [2]

Explorer – Public Health Security

Explorer is a web application that empowers public health and security officials with the ability to analyse, visualize, and layer diverse global and local datasets to rapidly assess infectious disease risks [1].  This tools also aims to  help decision-makers prepare for and respond to infectious diseases.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 14.01.04.png

To find out more about Bluedot join the e-Precision Global Health course, where founder Prof. Kamran Khan will be presenting and answering questions. 3 days left to register!





Written by Nefti-Eboni Bempong

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