A model partnership in transforming health intelligence for the eradication of Malaria

Expose. Explore. Explain. Empower. 

PATH has been involved in Visualise No Malaria  since 2014, an initiative dedicated to eradicate Malaria in Zambia [1] . Visualise No Malaria is a private sector, governmental and social sector collaboration, hoping to transform health intelligence by working together. The dream team is compromised of PATH, Zambia’s Ministry of Health and eight promising tech companies, who with access to better health data already produced a 92% reduction in malaria-related deaths in Southern Zambia [2].


Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 14.34.51

What does tech bring to the table? 

  • Tableau – provides a power visualisation engine
  • MapBox and Digital Globe – mapping resources and data which can be combined to create algorithms predicting where malaria cases may emerge
  • Alteryx – tools that automate workflows to quickly and efficiently process thousand of laboratory results
  • Twilio – cloud communication platforms that allows users to exchange valuable insights
  • Exasol – in-memory analytics database which compresses massive amounts of data [2]

Sitting in differential silos halts the implementation of innovative and operational solutions. Precision Global Health champions Visualise No Malaria as a model partnership in transforming health intelligence to eradicate Malaria, integrating PATH’s expertise in global health, context from Zambia’s Ministry of Health, and digital innovation from the tech companies. By working together, we can achieve more.

“Our vision: through improved data analytics, best-in-class tools, and training, we can transform health intelligence and save lives.”

-Visualise No Malaria, 2018 

  In the spirit of #WorldMalariaDay, let’s continue the fight together to end Malaria for good.



[1] PATH. (2015). Visualize No Malaria. Available: http://visualizenomalaria.org/. Last accessed 25/04/2018.

[2] Jeff Bernson. (2018). It helps to have friends in tech (unless you’re a malaria parasite). Available: http://blog.path.org/2018/04/visualize-no-malaria/. Last accessed 24/04/2018.

Written by Nefti-Eboni Bempong 

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